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What is U=U?

When you are virally suppressed, the amount of HIV in your body is Undetectable.

When the virus is Undetectable, HIV will be Untransmittable.

Undetectable = Untransmittable. U=U

You will still be HIV Positive but cannot pass HIV on to someone else.


  • Go to the clinic for a viral load test to check if you have achieved U=U.
  • When you reach U=U, you must keep taking your ARVs every day to stay healthy, strong and not pass HIV on.

The 5 Steps To Reach U=U

  1. Get to know your HIV Status.
  2. If you have HIV take your ARVS as prescribed by your HCP.
  3. Visit the clinic for a viral load test 6 months after starting ARVs.
  4. At your next clinic visit, ask your HCP if you are virally suppressed and have achieved U=U.  If your HCP informs you that you are virally suppressed, congratulations! You have achieved U=U. You can now look forward to being healthy, strong and you can’t pass HIV on
  5. Retain U=U. Keep taking your ARVs every day. Visit the clinic every 12 months for a viral load test to ensure that you are virally suppressed.

Important Information to Remember

  • When you achieve U=U it means that you are still HIV positive but you can’t pass it on to your sexual partner or unborn baby.
  • If you have not reached U=U you still can: Keep taking your treatment and ask your HCP what steps you need to take.
  • Keep taking your treatment every day to retain U=U, and return to the clinic every 12 months to check that you are U=U.
  • Remember to keep using a condom to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or unplanned pregnancy
  • You can lose U=U if you stop taking your treatment. Keep taking your medicine every day to retain U=U and remember to return to the clinic every 12 months to check if you are virally suppressed.

Remember to keep using a condom to prevent:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Unplanned pregnancy.