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Free one-on-one support from a man living with HIV

Learning that you have HIV can feel like the end of the world. You might feel like life will never go back to normal.

But the truth is that there are millions of men like you who are living happy, healthy, normal lives with HIV.

Some of those men are coaches in the Coach Mpilo programme, and their job is to support other men living with HIV.  

Coaches know that an HIV diagnosis can be hard to accept and even harder to share with others. They know the fear and worry that HIV can cause because they’ve dealt with it themselves.

But they also know that it’s possible to get HIV under control and get back to living your life.

They’ve done it, and they’re showing other men how to do it as well. If you’re finding it hard to start treatment, stay on treatment, or tell the people in your life about your HIV status, a coach can help you.

Message us and we’ll let you know whether there’s a coach in your area, or you can WhatsApp a coach directly. And don’t stress—it’s completely free of charge and anything you discuss with a coach is 100% private and confidential. You can decide how much or how little you want to say, and whether you want to keep chatting or not. A coach will never chase or pressure you. It’s just a chance to connect with someone who has been there and knows what it’s like.