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MINA. For Men. For Health.

We are a community that helps South African men living with HIV/Aids lead healthy lives. Find resources on getting treatment, being supported by peer groups, and tips to lead a healthier life.
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The world is a difficult place for South African men. So much is expected of a man – economically, socially, culturally.  He must always be strong. He must never need help. He must never feel afraid.

These ideas hold men back and keep them from making the best choices.  Like going to a clinic to stay healthy.

You do not stand alone – more than 2.7 million men in South Africa are living with HIV.  By taking your medication, you can live a normal and healthy life.
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MINA. For Men. For Health is a symbol of safety, ownership and empowerment.

We are here to encourage men
living with HIV to start, stay, or return to treatment.
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We are here to support men
with structures to empower yourself on every step of your journey.
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'If I want to live my life and fulfil my dreams, I have to take my treatment.'
Healthy Eating Workshop
28th October, 2022
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