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'Being a man in South Africa is taking leadership.'

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MINA supports men from all walks of life on their journey dealing with HIV Aids and engaging around their sexual health.

Thanduxolo is a family man, with a wife and two children, who has lived with HIV for more than 30 years. He went through a dark phase in his life following his diagnosis in 1991 and being told he had just three months left to live. Despite this, he found a way to break out of his depression and isolation.

Today he lives a healthy life, doing karate with his family or jogging the streets of Brakpan, his home, to keep himself going.

'Being a man in South Africa is taking leadership.'
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'I can still achieve a lot, and no one is going to bring me down.'
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You do not stand alone. More than 2.7 million men in South Africa are living with HIV, and by taking your medication, you can live a normal, healthy life.